Shuang-Lian Elementary School
School Introduciton

Shuang-Lian elementary school is a remote school located at Zhuolan, Town of Fruit. It is 15 minutes, 7-8 kms from Provincial Highway 3, and 10 minutes, 5 kms from Zhuolan town.

School is surrounded by upper reach of Li-Yu-Tan Reservoir. Guey-Ann Bridge is the main road connected Shuang-Lian and Jin-Shang on on the reservoir. School area is mostly green. Other than fruit trees from four seasons, the school is densely wooded. That makes Shuang-Lian the best place to learn about natural environment.

Follow educational policies and educate students to be polite and artisitc. Implement normalized education to cultivate our future potentials.




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